Laletics.com launched in 2017 to help you looking and feeling feminine, functional and strong when you workout, in an affordable way!

Shortly, our 'why'

Laletics - our whyWe from Laletics.com love ourselves to exercise in different outfits throughout the week and to vary with all kinds of colors and styles. Why?
We choose our outfit based on the type of workout and time. Our confidence & mood also affect the style & color of our outfit, e.g. to embrace how we feel! 

Though, how many people can afford to have like 10 outfits to choose from? Right! That's why we started Laletics.com, a place to find affordable sports wear for everybody! Laletics offers affordable items in sizes from XS to 3XL, different styles and more than 15 colors to choose from. 

Make Laletics your new favorite sports clothing store!

and experience how good you can feel in an affordable stylish outfit!

Our collection, world wide

Our online sports clothing shop has a collection of sport bras, shirts, leggings, tights & workout accessories, for prices starting as low as $6! We ship internationally to nearly every country in the world.

Laletics.com sports wear about us
Laletics.com sports wear about us

Make Laletics.com your new favorite store when:

  • You like stylish Sportswear
  • You like functional Sportswear
  • You like affordable prices for your new sports bra, shirt or legging
  • You want to have several outfits to choose from every workout day
  • You like to pick your favorite color, or... just neutral!
  • You like low flat rate or even FREE shipping